Tip Truck Training Perth

Saferight offers training for RIIVEH304E – Conduct Tip Truck Operations

This RIIVEH304E – Conduct Tip Truck Operations course offered by Saferight is an Australian nationally recognised qualification. This course is also sometimes known as dump truck training in Perth.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to conduct tip truck operations sometimes also known as a dump truck in the resources and infrastructure industries.

It applies to those working in supervisory and technical specialist roles. They generally work under minimal supervision to undertake a broad range of skilled applications in varied work contexts, using some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures.

Students will attain the practical application and knowledge required to operate a tipper truck which is sometimes also known as a dump truck including:

  • Plan and prepare for tip truck operations
  • Access, interpret and apply documentation required to conduct tip truck operations
  • Carry out prestart, start-up, park and shutdown according to workplace procedures
  • Manage engine power, ensure the efficiency of truck movements, and minimise strain on the engine, driveline and gears according to manufacturer specifications
  • Coordinate engine power with gear selection, ensure smooth transition and operation within torque range according to manufacturer specifications
  • Load, transport and tip materials
  • Position tip truck at load and discharge points with a minimum of manoeuvre
  • Carry out smooth and controlled tip truck movements including the raising and lowering of the tray according to manufacturer specifications
  • Ensure weight and distribution of load are assessed for the type of material and size of the vehicle within vehicle capacity according to manufacturer specifications
  • Maintain safety and security of load, including load cover requirements, from loading site to discharge site according to manufacturer specifications
  • Discharge load on the slope and/or over face at the fill site
  • Dump and spread the material evenly according to workplace procedures
  • Clear, lower and secure tray before resuming travel

If you’re seeking a career in operating dump trucks or tipper trucks, our team at Saferight is here to help. Book online on our website. For more information, send us a message through our contact form or phone us on 08 9334 1000 today!

Click here to book onto RIIVEH304E – Conduct Tip Truck Operations or dump truck training course.

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