This Work Safely at Heights course in Perth trains individuals to handle tasks at elevated levels, covering job requirements, equipment setup, safe execution, and site cleanup. It ensures adherence to safety standards and best practices.
This Confined Space Training Perth trains individuals in safely working in confined spaces, covering entry permit acquisition, planning, preparation, entry, work execution, exit strategies, and cleanup for entrants or standby persons.
This C6 Slewing Mobile Crane course, offered in Perth, trains individuals to safely operate slewing mobile cranes up to 60 tonnes. Acquiring your C6 Crane Ticket in Perth through this course will focus on essential skills and knowledge needed for effective crane operation.
TLILIC0040 course trains for operating non-slewing mobile cranes over 3 tonnes, targeting mining and construction industry roles, focusing on safety and legislative compliance for crane operation.
This Basic Scaffolding Ticket Perth Course covers erecting, altering, dismantling basic scaffolds, using modular/pre-fabricated scaffolds, materials hoists (max 500kg), ropes, gin wheels, safety nets, static lines, and bracket scaffolds for licensing.
This Intermediate Scaffolding Course Perth covers erecting, altering, dismantling intermediate-level scaffolds including cantilevered platforms, spurred scaffolds, barrow ramps, safety screens, mast climbers, and tube and coupler scaffolds for licensing.
Based on the National Standard for High Risk Work Licensing, this course trains individuals to operate boom-type elevating work platforms (EWP) with booms over 11 metres.
Join our Material Hoist Perth WA course to Operate a Materials Hoist. Provides skills on how to safely operate a materials hoist, a device for lifting goods, not people, using a car, bucket, or platform that moves up and down a structure’s exterior. Ideal for those seeking a Hoist Operator Ticket / Hoist Ticket Perth training.
This Forklift Licence in Perth WA course is based on the requirements of the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work. Perfect for those seeking a Forklift Ticket in Perth (LF) via comprehensive Forklift Training in Perth
CO Crane Ticket course trains individuals to safely operate slewing mobile cranes over 100 tonnes, focusing on skill development and compliance with legislative responsibilities.