Confined Space Entry + Rescue

Combo Course - RIIWHS202E, MSMPER205, MSMPER200, PUAFIR306, PUASAR022, PUASAR025


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Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
31 July - 2 August 2024 07:30 am - 03:30 pm Belmont 10 $850.00
14 - 16 August 2024 07:30 am - 03:30 pm Belmont 10 $850.00
28 - 30 August 2024 07:30 am - 03:30 pm Belmont 10 $850.00
11 - 13 September 2024 07:30 am - 03:30 pm Belmont 10 $850.00
25 - 27 September 2024 07:30 am - 03:30 pm Belmont 10 $850.00
CTF Funding Available
Confined Space Entry + Rescue Combo Course Fee $850 / CTF Eligible - You Pay Only $255* Conditions Apply

Confined Space Entry + Rescue overview

This Confined Space Entry and Confined Space Rescue Training Perth WA, also know as Confined Space Ticket/Confined Space Entry, aimed at people who want to attain a confined space entry permit to safely enter, work, and perform rescues in confined spaces. In roles and who have the responsibility of the an entrant or a standby person.

The Confined Space Entry and Confined Space Rescue Training is relevant to a variety of confined space rescue scenarios carried out by emergency services, volunteer organizations, and any entities where confined space work is performed.

Students will be trained in the following theoretical and practical applications:

  1. Plan and Prepare for Confined Space Work: Interpret work requirements, understand documentation, assess risks, obtain entry permit, select PPE, prepare for emergencies, implement signage, select and check tools, position rescue equipment.
  2. Prepare for Rescue Operation: Select equipment, obtain briefing details, choose protective gear, assess rescue specifics en route, and discuss risks with the team.
  3. Assess and Manage Rescue: Identify hazards, implement controls, evaluate rescue scene, manage access, and maintain communication.
  4. Determine Casualty Location and Condition: Locate casualties using equipment, report evidence, assess condition and entrapment, and apply hygiene precautions.
  5. Gain Entry to Confined Space: Obtain entry permit, implement procedures, monitor atmosphere, use ventilation and respiratory protection, employ rescue techniques, and treat casualties.
  6. Work in Confined Space: Access space, test atmosphere, apply tagging/lock-out, maintain communication, follow permit requirements, monitor entry time.
  7. Remove Casualties: Remove casualties and preserve the incident scene.
  8. Conclude Rescue Operations: Preserve the scene, service equipment, follow hygiene and decontamination procedures, participate in debriefing, and complete documentation.
  9. Exit Confined Space: Exit as per procedures, recover tools, inspect space, remove tagging/lock-out, complete permit requirements.
  10. Clean Up: Clear area, dispose materials, clean/store barriers and signs, inspect equipment, conduct maintenance, process records.
Unit CodeUnit Name
RIIWHS202E Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
MSMPER205 Enter Confined Spaces
MSMPER200 Work in Accordance with an Issued Permit

To enter the Confined Space Training in Perth WA, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Prerequisites:
    1. MSMWHS216 Operate Breathing Apparatus certification.
  2. Ability to read, write and understand English
  3. Present photo I.D. and USI on arrival
  4. Complete a ‘Fitness to Complete Training’ form upon arrival at the training facility. The student is required to declare any medical issue that may exclude them from full participation
  5. Wear normal work clothing, enclosed footwear and remove all jewellery prior to commencement
  • Theory Component
  • Practical Component

On successful completion of this Confined Space Entry and Confined Space Rescue Training in Perth WA, students will be issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for the units below along with a wallet sized card:

Your Statement of Attainment does not have an expiry date, however, industry standards recommend retraining every two years.

  • Students will be provided with morning tea and refreshments for all courses run at Saferight.
  • Saferight has kitchen facilities for people who wish to bring their own lunch or alternatively, there are cafes and lunch bars within close proximity.

Please refer to our Refund/Cancellation Policy

3 Days (7.30 AM – 3.30 PM)

This Confined Space Entry and Confined Space Rescue Training in Perth WA is delivered at the following location:

Refer to the price listed in the enrolment table.

Group bookings/Onsite training is available at your site or ours. Please click the ‘Enquire Now’ button for further information on pricing and site requirements for our Confined Space Training Perth.

Course Fee $850
CTF Discount $595
You Only Pay The Gap $255

CTF subsidy is granted to those who meet the eligibility criteria, more information can be found here: CTF Eligibility Criteria PDF Guide.

Main eligibility criteria include: Reference and project details of 6 months of construction work in WA out of the past 12 months prior to your course commencement with Saferight. For more information about Saferight’s CTF process, please click here. If student is deemed eligible for CTF, there will be a separate administrative fee of $30.

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    Why Saferight?

    At Saferight, we deliver nothing less than quality training to our students. We ensure companies that their staff will be properly equipped to handle and workplace situation or emergency. Our booking process is quick, easy, and we offer competitive pricing along with outstanding results.

    Each and every one of our assessors are highly trained and experienced to carry out a successful rescue training course. They are active, fit, and committed to the work they do. Upon completion of a course, students will be able to:

    • Prepare and respond to rescue
    • Identify hazards in the workplace
    • Identify the need for emergency care
    • Communicate appropriately in stressful situations

    Our courses provide hands-on, challenging exercises within real-world environments and scenarios. We are proud of our effective services that prepare someone to perform rescue operations. For more information or to schedule a training, give us a call today!