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Our innovative eLearning class is tailored for courses that blend online and practical learning. Our program allows you to master theoretical aspects at your own pace through our online platform, followed by hands-on training at Saferight’s facility.

Blended Learning Guide

1. Enrolment

Register for your course, providing details and payment. When enrolling, the date you select is for your practical training at Saferight. Ensure you choose a date that gives you sufficient time to complete the e-learning theory test prior to the practical session.

2. Confirmation & Log In Details

Once enrolled, you will receive a booking confirmation, an online student form, an eLearning guide, and login details via email.

3. Accessing the E-Learning Portal

Log into Saferight’s eLearning platform as directed in your email. Create an account and set up a password.

4. Completing E-Learning Theory Test

Finish and pass the eLearning theory test before your practical training date. You must receive the theory certificate to be eligible for practical training.

5. Certificate Submission

Email your theory component certificate to bookings@saferight.com.au. We will conduct necessary checks and confirm with the trainer that you are eligible for practical training.

6. Complete Practical Learning

Once you have completed the eLearning theory test, come to Saferight’s training facility that has been assigned to your chosen course date. Make sure to read your “Booking Confirmation” email to bring all the required items/documents.

We will provide you with your Statement of Attainment once you have passed both eLearning test and practical training.

Experience the Benefits of Our E-Learning Courses

At our training organisation, we’re committed to providing our students with the best possible learning experience, and our virtual classroom is no exception. Whether you’re looking to up-skill, re-skill, or start a new career, our virtual classroom offers the flexibility, convenience, and personalised support you need to achieve your goals. Enrol now and experience the benefits of our virtual classroom for yourself.


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