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Customised Safety Gear – Designed with You in Mind
Perth's Premier Provider of Tailored High-Risk Safety Solutions

32 Years of Excellence in High-Risk Safety Solutions

Saferight is an Australian family-owned and operated business based in Perth, Western Australia. We have over 32 years of experience in the industry and are committed to providing the highest quality high-risk safety equipment, training, services and systems.

Producing the most practical, user friendly equipment and systems, developed in conjunction with the end users. This combined with our state-of-the-art testing facilities ensures that our team have the skills to manufacture or source equipment to meet individual clients’ requirements.

Foundations of Excellence

6 pillars which represent Saferight

WA's Largest Practical training facility

Expansive and Advanced: Offering Unparalleled Practical Training Experience

Registered Training Organisation /RTO 5722

Fully Accredited in Australia: Quality Training Guaranteed

Safety Support Systems

Enhanced Safety: Innovative Support Systems for Optimal Protection

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Rope Access Equipment Manufacturing

Precision Crafted: Top-Tier Rope Access Equipment Manufacturing

Specialised Mines Maintenance and Emergency Services

Specialised Expertise for Maintenance and Emergency Excellence

Access Solutions

Efficient Access: Tailored Solutions for Every Challenge

Specialised Safety Training for Industry Professionals

Saferight is a Registered Training Organisation providing quality safety training

Our Nationally Accredited training courses are industry recognised and will provide you with the required skills and knowledge to take you or your workforce to the next level.

We aim to provide our clients with a holistic solution that meets all their safety needs. Saferight’s dedicated team consists of several departments working in collaboration enabling us to offer a wide range of products and services.

Saferight has first class, purpose built training facilities at the following locations.

Mining Sector

Specialised safety and operational training for the unique demands of mining.

Oil & Gas Sector

Comprehensive training on safety, emergency response, and equipment operation for oil and gas environments.

Construction Utilities

Focused training on construction practices, plant operations, and high-risk equipment handling.

Government Sections

Customised safety and operational training for government personnel across various functions.

You have an access problem – we have an access solution.

We provide complete solutions that are specifically tailored to all your fall prevention and access needs to ensure safety at the workplace. Whether it be to access air conditioning units or solar panels or to carry out general roof maintenance and cleaning, we can provide an access solution to suit your requirements, including:

  • Ladders
  • Static Lines
  • Walkways
  • Guardrails
  • Safety Anchors
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Equipment Inspection/Service & Tagging
  • Compliance Audits

Saferight is proud to be the designer and installer of the world’s two most frequently used fall protection systems, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge where a record 2km of Latchways cable system was installed. This extensive system supports 100,000 tourists a year climbing in complete safety. A similar project making the most of Saferight’s expertise is the Vertigo Climb on New Zealand’s famous Skytower, where tourists climb to the Crow’s Nest, 300m above the Auckland skyline.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing fall prevention, fall arrest and rope access safety systems.

As part of Saferight’s commitment to offering customers a total package solution, we also offer a range of cost-effective safety services to our clients. Some examples include shutdown safety support, risk assessments and safety compliance audits. Discover our range of services below:

  • Shutdown safety support including permit issuing
  • Standby Rescue Teams – Heights & Confined Space
  • Safety Advisors
  • Risk Assessments
  • HSE Compliance audits
  • Develop and implement Emergency Response Plans
  • Technical advice for safe systems for working at height, confined spaces and rescue
  • Gas testing and monitoring of confined spaces
  • Heights, confined space and rescue technical expertise
  • Incident investigations
  • Document review and development
  • Equipment inspection/service and tagging
  • Design and development of training materials/resources
  • Leading safety meetings including pre-starts and toolboxes
  • Site inductions and awareness training

Saferight is one of WA’s largest specialised mines maintenance and emergency services personnel providers and is the only combined provider that offers customised training in Australia.

We are the only specialised mines maintenance & emergency services personnel provider that can supply customised personnel/teams with the exact training and qualification requirements for your job.

We have a wealth of professional maintenance & emergency services personnel ready to start on your job today. Discover our range of services below:

  • Emergency Services/Medical Officers (ESO/EMO)
  • Mine Emergency Response and Rescue Personnel
  • Shut Down Mines Maintenance
  • Mines Maintenance Personnel
  • Remote Area Advanced First Aid Specialist
  • High-Risk Licensed Specialists
Saferight has a trusted advisory board that is comprised of highly qualified experts in their individual fields.
16 Years, 2 Tours (Counter Terrorism)

Veteran Owned Business

$20 donation from each purchase order is proudly donated to the SAS Resources Fund in support of veterans and families affected through their service to Australia.

Saferight employs ex-SAS/Commando veterans who specialise in remote area operations.

Saferight is an Australian Made Fall Protection Specialist with over 31 years of mines rescue operations.

Nationally accredited, Saferight guarantees top-quality training and equipment, adhering to stringent standards for excellence in safety and education.