Roof Access

Rope access height safety carabiners connecting with figure of eight knots rigging, clipping into roof fall arrest and fall restraint anchor point systems ready to ascending, construction site.
Rope access height safety carabiners connecting with figure of eight knots rigging, clipping into roof fall arrest and fall restraint anchor point systems ready to ascending
Expertly Engineered Safety Systems for Working at Heights

Elevating Safety Standards: Custom Fall Prevention Solutions

Saferight specializes in creating, manufacturing, and setting up safety systems for fall prevention and arrest, and rope access scenarios.

Our comprehensive and affordable solutions cater to all your safety needs while working at heights, whether for maintaining air conditioning units, solar panels, or cleaning roofs. We offer customized systems that fit your specific requirements.

Saferight provides Latchways and SAYFA systems in Western Australia. These systems comply with Saferight’s ISO 9001 quality certification and Australian Standards.

All Roof Access WA installs include:

Roof Safety
Our SAYFA and Latchways safety systems are designed to protect workers from falls at heights
Roof Access Platform
We provide a range of ladder-based access platforms designed to give workers safe, reliable and easy access to the roof
Roof Anchor Points
We install anchor points for fall prevention and restraint systems, giving workers a secure connection point to the roof
Safety Railings
We offer safety railings designed to be an effective barrier against falls
Roof Walkway & Guardrails
Our walk and guardrails provide a secure non-slip surface for workers to traverse the roof
Fall Prevention & Fall Arrest
Our SAYFA and Latchways systems provide a secure connection point for workers to attach a safety harness while they work at heights
Roof Access Ladders
We provide roof access ladders with a variety of heights and treads, ensuring safe and easy access for workers
Safety Assurance
Saferight ensures worker safety at heights with comprehensive solutions

Roof Access Services

Saferight offers height access solutions such as the design and installation of permanent static lines (fall prevention systems) for all your horizontal and vertical access requirements
Certification of Systems
Regular inspections, testing and tagging will ensure your premises and workers are safe. Roof safety certification/re-certification involves a thorough inspection of your systems by a qualified height safety
Inspection & Maintenance
Saferight is one of Australia’s leading height safety experts and is a certified inspection and service agent of height safety equipment and systems for some of Australia’s leading brands
Compliance Audits
Saferight’s Heights Safety technicians are trained to conduct audits at your premises to ensure your facility is compliant with the Australian Standards, legislation’s and codes
Inertia Reel Inspections
At Saferight we are licensed by IKAR Gmbh and MSA/Latchways to inspect, service, repair and re-certify a range of IKAR and MSA/Latchways products including retractable Type Fall Arrest
Personal Protective Equipment
At Saferight we are committed to having a work environment that is safe for use for all concerned. Any building that has a Fall Arrest System installed we
Saferight Expertise and Compliance
At Saferight, we have the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive range of services that ensure your roof access systems are safe and compliant.
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