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Comprehensive Fall Protection Solutions for a Secure Workplace

Enhancing Safety at Heights with Saferight's Essential Equipment

There is no such thing as a safe distance to fall. The further you fall, the faster your speed of descent and the higher the total forces that the safety system needs to absorb to prevent injuries. At Saferight we are committed to you having a work environment that is safe for use for all concerned. Any building that has a Fall Arrest System installed we recommend the following protective equipment to reduce your risk of injury.


The H11 Standard Working at Heights Full Body Harness is a light weight and comfortable design and comes with Front and Rear Central D Attachment Points, Vertical Lifting Loops for Retrieval/Confined Spaces, Rear D Extension Strap and Fall Indicator, Quick Release Buckles and Deluxe Padded Leg Straps.


This is the one piece of equipment that every person working at heights should carry. A self-rescue etrier can be deployed within minutes of being suspended in a harness and eliminate pre-syncope/syncope by alleviating pressure on the legs.


Retracting lanyards are ideal for many fall arrest applications where the anchor point is within 2.5m of your exposed edge or there is a need to reduce fall distances.

This plastic housed or aluminium die-cast fall arrest block is a sturdy, low maintenance device fitted with internal energy absorption. They act as an inertia device, similar to a seat belt, and lock immediately in the event of a fall, reducing both fall distance and forces.

IKAR fall arrest blocks are renowned worldwide for their robust design and engineering excellence. Its ideal application is where the anchor point is overhead, however it has been tested and rated for 360˚ range of use (can be anchored at any point of 360˚). Maximum peak load generated from a fall is 3kN per unit eg combined 6kN and fully compliant to AS/NZS 1891.3/4. The working load limit is up to 136kg person for each unit.


The Rope Rescue Recovery System is a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio raising and lowering device designed for rescue/recovery, casualty retrieval, and confined space work positioning.

This system can be operated by the person on the system or a secondary person.

Saferight Expertise and Compliance
At Saferight, we have the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive range of services that ensure your roof access systems are safe and compliant.
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