BOG OUT Twin Pack


Essentially they are 3.5 tonne, 4.5 metre harnesses made from exceptionally strong materials, designed to allow your vehicle’s wheels to become winches. We have made this standard model to fit the wheels and tyres of almost all cars, 4wd’s and smaller tractors. Standard tyre widths ranging from 165mm (6 ½”) to 345mm (13 ½”) are accommodated and this is the model (code 1102) for those and everything in between.  Larger tyre diameters (35’s +) are no problem.

BOG OUT has completed many recoveries where other devices have failed and is the most versatile, economical and reliable vehicle recovery device designed. Comparison chart

BOG OUT can also be used as a 3.5 tonne tow rope and the nylon carry bag is perfect to store used and dirty BOG OUT’s so your vehicle can keep clean, simply wash when you get home. All materials are specifically manufactured to our low stretch, high strength formula and are impervious to water.


BOG OUT is a lightweight, compact and economical device that can be used with simple instruction to assist in removing vehicles from bogs by using the vehicles own wheels and tyres and winches. BOG OUT can be used to get the vehicle out, either forward or backward, with just one person. The BOG OUT system consists of an engineered harness that attaches one end to the bogged wheel, and the other to an anchor. The wheels become extremely powerful winches when used with BOG OUT. The front wheels move forward and the rear wheels work in reverse so that the vehicle can be easily moved out of any bogged situation.

Same as the BOG OUT single but two harnesses in one pack and twice the fun. For the more serious ‘off roader’ the award winning BOG OUT twin pack will suit better because this model allows users to turn either both front or both rear wheels into winches, giving the vehicle a massive haul potential of around 7 tonnes.

Two BOG OUT’s come in:

  • 1 x handy ‘Back-Sack’ bag
  • 4 red connector ties
  • Comprehensive Bog Out User Manual

Product range is specifically designed to assist to recover bogged or stranded vehicles safely, reliably, independently and economically. BOG OUT range is extremely strong, compact, lightweight, easy to use and ideal in sand, mud, snow, forward or reverse recovery.

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