Worker on elevated platform strapped into a safety harness with scaffolding structure in the background.

Fall Prevention Systems and Access System Audits Perth

Equipment failures and injuries are prone in high-risk sectors such as in mining and construction industries. Well-organized fall prevention and access system should be set up for hazardous works to avoid common causes of serious work-related injuries such as slips, falls and dropping heavy objects. 

Having a well-organized fall prevention system and access system to high-risk works is just as important as having high-quality equipment. Unfortunate events most likely happen due to messy and unorganised systems within the internal and external parts of an organisation. 

With access to the latest high-quality rope in the market and height safety equipment manufactured for Australian builds, Saferight ensures that you will get the best and perfect types of equipment for your system. Apart from that, Saferight also has the most experienced and professional personnel for assessing and evaluating your system. Saferight provides comprehensive audits and consultancy services in line with Legislation, Australian Standards, and codes.

Existing Systems

Saferight will conduct a Full Site Audit to gather all the important information from each point of your organisation. To ensure that your systems are well organised and fully compliant, Saferight’s team of professional technicians will access the following: 

  • Anchor points
  • Ladders
  • Platforms
  • Roof access 
  • Static lines
  • Walkways

Saferight will send a detailed report after conducting the full site compliance audit. The report will discuss the system that is non-compliant and can give potential hazards which need immediate attention and solution. Upon collecting and evaluating all the information, we will provide a plan of action to ensure a safe and stress-free environment. We will also implement a follow-up audit to measure the effectiveness of the said plan of action and to provide further recommendations if needed. 

Fall Prevention Systems and Access System Audit Solutions in Perth

With over 30 years of experience, Saferight has the proven ability to provide the best safety training and solutions to hazardous work environments. If you require fall prevention and access system and are looking for a solution, look no further. 

Our team of experienced professionals can assess any building structure and provide a range of customised solutions to best meet your needs. We will identify potential hazards, assess the risk, and provide appropriate control measures in accordance with the hierarchy of control. and.

With access to the latest high-quality rope in the market and height safety equipment, Saferight has a dedicated and professional team that can provide and assist you with selecting the right equipment to complete the work.

With Saferight, we will ensure that you can avoid legal issues and federal fines by having safe and well-built systems at your work. Contact us on 1800 352 335 or email to get a quote for safety solutions and quality equipment for your organisation!

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