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Inspection Testing & Certification Perth

Any workplace that requires personnel to work at heights, must ensure each component of every fall injury prevention system including anchorages is inspected by a competent person at regular intervals.

Regular inspections, testing and tagging will ensure your fall prevention equipment and systems are compliant and your premises and workers are safe. Saferight can take the hassle out of the management of your fall prevention systems.

We provide a full inspection, proof load testing (if applicable), logging and certification service to all your Perth buildings ensuring they maintain compliant with current regulations.

The systems we inspect and certify to ensure you are legally covered include:

Ladder / Handrail / Walkway Systems
Anchor Points
Harness, Lanyards, Rpoes & Protective Equipment
Static Line Systems

On completion you will receive:

Height Safety Equipment
  • Equipment register showing serial number, date of manufacture, part number, size and next inspection due date or Inspection Certificate
Fall Prevention and Access Systems
  • A plaque will be installed at the access point of each system and contains a unique identification number, manufacturers and installers name and date of installation, specific instructions for use, including the number of users allowed on the system or on any one span at once, servicing requirements and instructions, together with inspection and servicing intervals and the dates on which they are to be carried out.
  • Inspection tag for each anchor point and static line, if applicable
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Closing report including photos, notes and recommendations, if applicable

You will receive notifications when your fall prevention equipment and systems are due for inspection.

By allowing Saferight to manage your fall prevention equipment and systems inspection services you can rest assured that the height safety equipment is safe for use and meets the compulsory legislative requirements and standards, and documented evidence is available.

Intervals for inspection is recommended in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 Part 4: Selection, use and maintenance, WA Code of Practice 8.4 Fall injury prevention systems and anchorages, OSH Regulation 3.53:1996 Part 3 – Workplace safety requirements and manufacturer usage instructions and are:

  • Anchor points – 6 months
  • Static line systems – 6 months
  • Harnesses, lanyards, ropes, and all associated personal protective equipment – 6 months
  • Ladder/Handrail/Walkway systems – 6 months (visual)

Ensuring Safety with Certified Inspections and Repairs

Expert IKAR and MSA/Latchways Product Services by Saferight

At Saferight we are licensed by IKAR Gmbh and MSA/Latchways to inspect, service, repair and re-certify a range of IKAR and MSA/Latchways products including retractable Type Fall Arrest Devices.

Saferight use the RGBY inspection system which allows an easy way to verify that your equipment is safe for use or when your equipment is due for inspection.

  • Red – January to March
  • Green – April to June
  • Blue – July to September
  • Yellow – October to December
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