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Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
8 – 12 July 2024 07:30 am – 03:30 pm Welshpool 10 $1,300.00
22 – 26 July 2024 07:30 am – 03:30 pm Welshpool 3 $1,300.00
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Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
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Rigging Intermediate overview

The CPCCLRG3002 – Licence to Perform Rigging Intermediate Level course focuses on advanced rigging techniques including cranes, conveyors, dredges, excavators, tilt slabs, demolition, and dual lifts, equipping students with practical skills for proper rigging execution.

Students will attain the theory and practical application to perform rigging and will be able to:

  • Plan Task: Review instructions, gather and interpret safety and workplace information, identify hazards, choose rigging gear, and establish communication.
  • Select and Inspect Equipment: Choose and check safety controls, PPE, and rigging gear, ensuring functionality.
  • Set Up Task: Communicate plans, implement safety measures, and confirm task suitability with ground and structure assessments.
  • Undertake Intermediate Rigging: Erect, operate, and dismantle structures, conduct multiple-crane lifts, install tilt-up panels, and remove structural elements.
  • Complete Task: Clear area, inspect and store equipment, and dismantle safety measures.


Roborigger Training option is included without extending the time frame of our high-risk course and is without additional cost. Email to let us know you’re interested to opt in once you’ve received your booking confirmation. 

You will be enrolled into the following unit of competency:

Unit CodeUnit Name
CPCCLRG3002 Licence to perform rigging intermediate level

  1. Students must hold a valid Statement of Attainment/Qualification prior to commencing this course with Saferight:
  2. Must be 18 years old and above
  3. Ability to read, write and understand English
  4. Present photo I.D. on arrival
  5. Complete a ‘Fitness to Complete Training’ form upon arrival at the training facility. The student is required to declare any medical issue that may exclude them from full participation
  6. Wear steel cap shoes/boots and remove all jewellery prior to commencement
  • Theory Component
  • Practical Component

On successful completion of this course, students will receive a:

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) must be supplied and verified prior to issuance. 

Verification of competency for this course is available at Saferight. For more information, please visit our VOC Rigging Intermediate Level – Verification Assessment page.

Please refer to our Refund/Cancellation Policy

Disclaimer: Competence in this unit, does not in itself result in a High-Risk Work Licence (HRWL) to operate this plant/conduct this skill.

A High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) is a photographic licence, issued to people who have been trained and assessed as competent to work in a class of work defined as high-risk work.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • Licence Applications:
    • Saferight does not handle HRWL applications for individual bookings and group bookings via credit card payment. During your training, we will only equip you with all the essential information and paperwork needed to apply for your High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) directly with WorkSafe WA.
    • Saferight only offers HRWL applications exclusive to corporate bookings made through the “Approved Purchase Order Payment Companies” portal.
  • Passport Photo Service:
    • Saferight provides a passport photo service for a fee of $20 (not included in the course fee). This service produces a set of 6 passport photos required for your HRWL application, available during your training period.
      • For students who enrolled through individual bookings and group bookings via credit card payment, you can request this service at the reception.
      • For students enrolled through company bookings via “Approved Purchase Order Payment Companies” portal, the option to add this service is available during the online enrolment process. Companies interested in this extra option MUST inform their enrolled students to get their photos at reception.
    1. For a detailed guide on applying for a new HRWL, please visit:
    2. To add a new licence class to your existing HRWL, please visit:
  • COFFEE TRUCK available from 9:00am to 9:30am.
  • LUNCH TRUCK available from 12:00pm to 12:10pm.
  • RADIUM LUNCH BAR is less than 1 minute up the road from the Welshpool premise.

This course is available for delivery over:

  • 4 Days (7:30 AM – 5:30 PM)
  • 5 Days (7.30AM – 3.30PM)


Please choose the course duration that best fits your preferences and availability from the enrolment table.

This course is delivered at the following location:

Refer to the price listed in the enrolment table.

Group bookings/Onsite training is available at your site or ours. Please click the ‘Enquire Now’ button for further information on pricing and site requirements.

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