Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) With HUD


Introducing Saferights emergency services breathing apparatus system with all the safety features you would get from a world leading manufacturer of breathing apparatus. This compact and lightweight breathing. Apparatus comes complete as a kit, with a high-quality full-face mask made of silicone built for comfort and durability as well as a gas cylinder, providing reliable breathing air with proven high performance.

This compact SCBA kit with HUD has fully adjustable shoulder and waistband harness straps. It comes complete with a standard Saferight adjustable silicone full face mask with digital screen HUD that displays vital operational data including cylinder pressure, remaining time, ambient temperature, digital clock, and compass to enhance search and rescue performance.

This full SCBA kit with HUD certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS1716:2012. With built in quick air cylinder connectors and
photoluminescence features at the bottom of the air cylinders, emergency responders can find, replace and set up cylinders in seconds, allowing for quicker response time.

This Saferight SCBA kit with HUD is designed to focus on simplicity with all the premium safety features without compromising on performance, is lightweight and is perfect for emergency services, firefighting personnel and confined space operators.

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Full Face Mask

  • Made from a high-quality silicone material for durability and comfort
  • Wide visual field of view with >90% visibility
  • Long lasting service life use with up to 15 years of service life
  • Performance enhancing features including double anti-fogging and a scratch resistant lens.

Back Plate

  • Constructed from the lightweight Aramid material with a flexible fit.
  • Supports 180 degrees of bending for optimal maneuverability

Demand Valve with HUD

  • Air supply rate delivers more than 500L/min, ensuring consistent ample air flow

Gas Cylinder

  • Made of a light weight carbon fiber material making it one of the lightest options available for ample rescue performance
  • Total gas tank volume is 6.8L
  • Working pressure supports a high pressure output up to 300bar
  • Alarm pressure set at (55.5) bar to signal low air volumes
  • Operating temperature range is -30 degrees to 60 degrees
  • Provides 45-60 minutes of breathing air


  • Balanced pressure reducing design with medium pressure alarm for safety

Contents of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Kit

  • x1 Standard Full Face Mask
  • x1 Cylinder
  • x1 Pressure Gauge & Alarming Device
  • x1 Back Pack assembly with Harness
  • x1 Cylinder Valve
  • x1 Demand Valve with LED-HUD
  • x1 Reducer
  • x1 Carrying Box


  • Full kit is certified to AS/NZS1716:2012 BMP 765872
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Saferight uses an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance System


For more information, please click here: SCBA Kit with HUD Datasheet


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