beyond the headlines: saferight's stand on recent legal accusations

Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald and other media outlets published an article reporting on legal proceedings commenced by Training Services Australia (TSA) against Saferight and its principal Mack McCormack.

The claims made by TSA in the proceedings are strongly contested by Saferight and Mr McCormack. TSA’s claims are underpinned by assertions made by Mr Atkinson, the so-called whistleblower. Saferight and Mr McCormack also strongly dispute those assertions and will strenuously defend the proceedings.

Saferight and Mr McCormack have joined Mr Atkinson to the proceedings. Their claim against Mr Atkinson is that if (which Saferight and Mr McCormack deny) TSA suffered any loss or damage because of his actions, Mr Atkinson must indemnify Saferight for such loss or damage, because any conduct engaged in by Mr Atkinson said by TSA to be the basis of its breach of copyright claim, was engaged in by Mr Atkinson acting alone.

Saferight and Mr McCormack will press for the trial of the proceedings to proceed urgently so that the truth as to what actually happened is exposed. They are confident that they will be vindicated.

The published article contains false and highly defamatory statements about Mr McCormack. Mr McCormack has retained lawyers to act for him in proceedings to vindicate his reputation in respect of those defamations.

Mr McCormack adds the following comments:

1.Saferight is ISO 9001, Veteran owned business with a 34 year history. Saferight is proud to employ Veterans who have served our Country with pride. The intention of Saferight, and Mr McCormack, in employing Mr Atkinson, a Police Veteran, was to support Military and Police Veterans.

2. The conduct of Mr Atkinson, which is said by TSA to be the basis of its breach of copyright claim, was by him and him alone. He will be answerable for his own ideas and decisions. An indicator of Mr Atkinson’s thoughts is the following content written by Mr Atkinson to Saferight on the day he gave his resignation notice to Saferight:

“Now that I have had a bit of exposure to Rio Tinto after 11 years away from them, I am reminded of their arrogance as a company. I am reminded that they think they are something special……. I am not interested in training their people anymore and don’t want anything to do with Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG or others. They are nothing but corporate criminals raping the land and giving next to nothing back to the local communities they work in”.

3. Saferight confirms that it is usual practice for RTOs to contact each other directly should they have any concerns about their competitor’s conduct. This practice within the RTO industry incurs zero cost between the parties. This simple and cost-effective measure is one that TSA and its lawyers chose to ignore in this case.

4. Saferight confirms, as a Veteran owned business, we will continue to employ Military Veterans and assist them with gaining Civilian qualifications under the ASQA Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) System. Saferight acknowledges and supports the RSL’s motto “Lest We Forget” and will continue to support Australian Veterans into the future.

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