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2019 Ice Cream Factory’s 11m-High Zip-line With Redbull

Towards the end of December 2019, Saferight worked with Red Bull to create a 50m long, 11m-High Zip-line for Perth’s annual Ice Cream Factory Summer Festival.

Saferight’s engineers under our Saferight Access Solutions division along with height safety instructors, worked round the clock to design and install the zip-line which met all the necessary safety requirements to give music festival goers an exciting experience to remember.

The 11m-High Zip-line was designed to soar directly over the open-air dance floor giving festival goers the chance to enjoy the scenic views of Perth’s best pop-up playground.

Using fall protection technology from Saferight’s successful projects such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and the zip-line on the Matagarup Bridge, Saferight managed to engineer a fun and safe experience taking the music festival to new heights (literally) during the three-week-long summer festival.

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