What You Need To Know About Becoming a Mobile Plant Operator in Construction and/or Mining

Earthmoving plant operators play an important role in mining and/or construction projects. For starters, if you wish to know how to begin your career, understand what the work involves, your obligations, and the pre-requisites involved. We at Saferight, have some information to help get you started on the right foot.


Mobile plant operators have some obligations to satisfy on the worksite which include driving, care and, maintenance. Types of earthmoving machinery include tipper truck, skid steer loader also known as a bobcat, front end loader, excavator, telehandlers and many more.

If you wish to become a mobile plant operator, you should understand your responsibilities, which include:

  • Ensuring machines are safe to use
  • Driving machinery to worksites and back to the yard when work is done
  • Checking that the machine is greased up and prepared for use
  • Loading and emptying fundamental objects and hardware from trailers or other loaders
  • Once the hardware is stacked, administrators will move it around to provide access to and around the site
  • Choosing the correct connections for apparatus, counting department cutters, buckets, lifters, and trenches
  • Changing connections when needed
  • Learning how to utilize extraordinary attachments for the hardware utilized within the worksite
  • Understanding drawings and plans
  • Excavating soil or rubble
  • Reaching the proper level when scratching earth
  • Back-filling trenches
  • Disintegrating clearing or rocks utilizing the correct hardware, such as pneumatic breakers


According to Australian Government Job Outlook, the average weekly pay can go up to $1,491/week.

There were 43,100 Earthmoving Plant Operators in 2020. The number of workers:

  • grew strongly over the past 5 years
  • is expected to stay about the same over the next five years
  • is likely to reach 43,300 by 2025.

Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, seasonally adjusted data to November 2020 and National Skills Commission Employment Projections to 2025. The number employed includes people who work in this occupation as their main job. People who work in more than one job are counted against the occupation they work the most hours in.

View mobile plant operator jobs here: https://www.seek.com.au/mobile-plant-jobs


How can you get this licence? It’s not much of a challenge, and the process is usually quicker than it may seem.

Saferight offers a range of Mobile Plant/Earthmoving Machinery Training courses. Our mobile plant training courses are aimed at those currently working or seeking work in operational roles in the mining and construction industries and will be required to conduct proficient and safe mobile plant operations.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 5722), we offer Nationally Accredited training courses for the following Nationally Recognised Training Course Codes:

Our Earth Moving / Mobile Plant Training courses are divided into different levels and categories specifically designed for students, new professionals, and those that require a Verification of Competency (VOC). All include theoretical and practical lessons such as attaching, securing, lifting, carrying, and placing materials, carrying machine operator maintenance, and applying WHS requirements, policies, and procedures in the construction industry for earthmoving and mobile plant operators.

The assessment will follow a practical application of all lessons learned and experiences acquired to ensure the quality of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. Upon successfully completing Earth Moving/Mobile Plant Training Courses, you will be issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment.


Our team of experienced and licensed instructors conduct theoretical and practical training and assessments for people seeking to acquire necessary certifications and tickets.

Visit our website to arrange Earth Moving Machinery / Mobile Plant Training sessions for your team, or contact us via our website to request more information.


All our courses consist of a Theoretical Assessment and a Practical Assessment which is conducted by our professional Instructors in our Welshpool facility.

To book a course, please visit our website or give us a call on 1800 352 335

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