Product Discontinuation – Shock Absorber Packs (Fixed & Adjusted)

Source: PRODUCT DISCONTINUATION NOTICE – Shock Absorbing Lanyards (Adjustable and Fixed)

In view of WA Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations R38 (1) and (2) Duty of Care/Revised Control Measures and with reference to falls from heights and suspension trauma, Saferight together with our industry partners, have reviewed the above product and believe that its “control measures” are no longer reasonable and practical regarding the identified risk of suspension trauma and fall distances/ground clearance requirements.

It has now been 24 months since the release of the new Australian Standards 1891 series, and all Saferight’s fall protection harnesses, lanyards, and inertia reels/retracting lanyards, have been re-certified to the new standards.

As such, Saferight hereby gives formal notification regarding the discontinuation of Shock Absorbing Lanyards (Adjustable and Fixed).

The above-mentioned lanyards will now be replaced with Saferight’s Restraint Technique Lanyards as revised control measures. This new technology offers the following benefits when used as per the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use:
1. Can be used as a Restraint Lanyard (Stops a fall from occurring)
2. Easily adjusted in and out to allow for different distances between an anchor point and an unprotected edge
3. Reduced fall clearance from 1.6m shock absorber tear-tape pull out to 0.1m
4. Can be used by a person of any weight (40kg – 200kg)
5. Energy absorption reduction from 6kN to 1.4kN
6. Self-locking/vertical speed control
7. Self-recovery to the ground to mitigate the effects of being suspended in a safety harness
(Built-in Rescue/Plan)
8. Optional double ended lanyard can be utilised for the recovery of an unconscious person to avoid third-party personnel conducting rescue and recovery (Activated via anchor connection point).
9. Reasonable and practical control solution with reference to falls and mitigating the effects of suspension trauma/suspension intolerance.

Saferight’s aim is to provide safe solutions for working at heights and confined space entry without risk to human life.

Please see below the recommended replacement product codes for easier reference.

Discontinued Products Suggested Replacement
Fixed length webbing – L, LY Restraint Technique Lanyard Series:
RTL3 – RTL20, RTL3-D – RTL7D, LAK3 – LAK20Retracting Lanyard Series: RLIKAR, RLIKAR3.5Inertia Reel Series: IR3 -IR42
Fixed length elasticated – LP, LYP
Fixed length rope – LNR
Fixed length wire – LW, LWY
Adjustable Rope – LA, LAY

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